Monday, April 4, 2011

How are you deprived?

If you ever saw the movie (or read the book) Oliver Twist, one of the most memorable scenes is when young Oliver bravely steps forward to make his meek request, "Please sir, I want some more."

Our hearts go out to Oliver, who clearly, desperately needs more food, and clearly, completely deserves to have more.  But what of your own needs and hungers?  How do you respond to them?

People’s relationship to food can be an expression of what is going on in their lives. Many expressions utilize food metaphors to describe a feeling of yearning.  Hungry for love. Starving for attention.

•    Loneliness can feel like emptiness, and food symbolically fills the void.
•    If you feel sad and in need of comfort but nobody is there to console you adequately, you may turn to food to provide a feeling of comfort.
•    If you’re in an unsatisfying relationship, you might turn to food to satisfy your unmet needs.  Alternately, you might restrict food to express the deprivation. 
•    If you’re in a situation you can’t control, you may focus on your powerlessness over food instead of  feeling powerless in the situation.  Or you might restrict food to give yourself a sense of control.


Do you have enough friends? 
Do you want more loving, nurturing, comforting people in your life?
Do you need more power over aspects of your life? 
Do you need more money?
More happiness?
More time?

By getting in touch with what you want more of in your life, you may stop turning to food to
express emotional hunger and other needs.

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