Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Get a FREE guide to cope without food

Nearly every day, people from all over the world ask for my help to stop emotional eating.   Their questions usually are along the lines of this:

"How do I stop emotional eating?"
"Why can't I just let these feelings go, like other people?"
"What else can I do to cope?  
"Why is it so hard for me to stop eating?"
It's very difficult to stop eating for comfort or distraction.  Why?  Because it helps.
Yes, that's right.  Helps.  And also hurts. 
Eating helps you distract, numb and comfort yourself from uncomfortable states, but also causes shame, guilt, discomfort and self-recrimination.  It's important to cultivate new ways of responding to yourself, and that's why I am writing to you today.

I created a blueprint of 25 Strategies To Cope Without Food to provide a 
step-by-step method to express your feelings, plus a list of healthy distractions that really do work.
Get your FREE blueprint now!  Click here:

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