Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Konmari And Your Inner Space

Ever notice how much better you feel when your home is neat and organized?

There’s a connection between our environment and our relationship to ourselves and the world. Thoughts and beliefs create emotional reactions, which lead to behavior. If you have the idea you’re not good enough, you’ll feel bad and may use food for comfort or distraction.

Negativity clutters our minds and creates an internal mess. When we “clean up” our thoughts by identifying certain beliefs and challenging them, we actively change the way we feel.  

Patients often report a sudden urge to clean out their closets or garages. This invariably happens at the same time that they’re getting rid of the painful mistaken beliefs and ideas about themselves.  

When we get rid of the tangible things that clutter our space, we also make room for clarity and a new perspective. That leads to feeling peaceful and mindful, which makes us feel good and eliminates stress eating, binge eating or any kind of emotional eating.  When we feel good, we don’t need food to make us feel better. 

Want help organizing your space? Here are some tips from Cathy Pérez, a Certified, Konmari Organizing Consultant.  

Organized Home + Gratitude = Happy Life
Written by Cathy Hannah Pérez

Who believes an organized home equates to a happier life? Who believes organizing one’s home leads to a more grateful attitude? Both statements are true. Organizing may sound mundane, but when one organizes their home for maximum efficiency and only surrounds themselves with what they truly want and require, somehow the universe works to create more harmony and serenity, thus more happiness overall.

Here are four home organizing tips for creating a happier life.

Organize by category, not location:

Try organizing by category versus location. The advantage is you will have a visual accounting of how much you have of one category. This is especially useful if you’re hoping to budget better. It helps to know what you have and what you will buy later.

Engaging in an inventory of all your belongings will help you decide what you really want to keep and what items can be let go with gratitude, but no guilt.

Show gratitude to all your possessions:

When you have decided what belongings to let go, be sure to thank the items and release them with positive energy. Not only will you feel happier, but you will be sending out good karma to the next owner.

Gratitude is a special kind of conduit for purposeful ideas; meaningful gestures and constant happiness. By showing gratitude for all you possess, you will be letting the universe know you live in abundance. The universe will then reward you with more positive life experiences.

Everything has a home:

When you have physically inventoried all your belongings, only keep what you absolutely adore. Be sure all your items have “homes” to go to after being used. An organized space means that most, if not all, of your belongings have a dedicated space. This shows gratitude (which can increase your happiness meter) and makes it easier to find what you require on a daily basis.

It is amazing how much calmer life can be when your time is not tied up with mindless worry over lost keys, missing charging cords or non-matching socks. Efficiency is a byproduct of being organized. Efficiency leads to more free time. That should make you happier for sure.

Be Intentional about What You Bring into Your Space:

After you have tidied up your surroundings, you hopefully will notice less stress and more motivation. Maybe you feel relief? Perhaps you feel calm or serene? Pay attention to these feelings. Hopefully, you will have a sense of completeness. You have all that you require in your home to be productive and happy.

When you are out and about and impulsively want to buy something unnecessary or not advancing your life’s goals, stop. Will the item find a “home” in your space or serve a useful purpose? Those few seconds taken to discern if you truly need the item is a sure sign that your mind is honed in on what makes your life more fulfilled and what does not.

The mere act of asking what to bring into your newly tidied space is a signal of epic proportions. Your mind is focusing on your future happiness and success.

You know the feeling when you are “in the flow…” Imagine having that clarity and focus every moment of everyday in your home. It is possible when you are organized and intentional about your surroundings. Your mindset shifts from worry to gratitude and that means more ability to be happy.


Organize by category, not location
Show gratitude to all your possessions
Everything has a “home”
Be intentional about what you bring into your space

Happy Organizing!

Cathy Perez is the 159th World Wide, Certified, Konmari Organizing Consultant. She coaches her clients through organizing projects (professional or personal) to create their best lives imaginable. You can reach her at cathyhannahperez@gmail.comor through her website, cathyhannahperez.com.

Watch her recent television appearance here:  http://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/400669890-video


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