Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Join the 8 Week Self-Love Commitment

Ever wonder why most New Year’s resolutions fail?
That’s because our goals for a “new me” often are tied to self-criticism. We want to change our behavior without changing our relationship with ourselves. We use willpower, not compassion, to white-knuckle it (“I will NOT eat those cookies!” instead of understanding what’s motivating that behavior.
What if we came from a place of self-compassion instead of self-hate?
What if you created love-motivated change rather than hate-motivated criticism?
How about making peace with food instead of the frustrating cycle of dieting and binging?
This can be a time where relationships blossom (including your relationship to yourself), work is fulfilling, health comes easily, and happiness abounds. But—and this is big—that can only happen when you make peace with yourself: full, complete, unconditional acceptance for where you stand and who you are today.
Today is the first of an eight-week healing commitment that I designed to help you make peace with yourself… and with food.
The first challenge you to RECOMMIT to yourself. Take a moment to recommit to yourself: your life, your love, and your happiness.
Take a moment to visualize where you want to be in a couple of months. Visualize a revitalized, glowing, thriving you. Create an intention to recommit to your wellbeing.
That can sound like, “I am committing to myself, to my health, to my happiness, and to a year of self-acceptance and love!”
Share what it means to you to recommit to your health and why this goal is important to you.
What are you recommitting to today?
For example: “Today I recommit to a year full of self-acceptance! I recommit to developing a healthy relationship with myself. I’ll finally give up the diet habit. I’ll prioritize listening to my body, my hunger signals, and my emotions. I am going to prioritize the things that are most important to me: family, work, and my dog. I’ll spend time working towards things that bring me joy. I deserve to have health and happiness, and I’m sick of standing in my own way. Here’s to a new relationship with myself!”
Next week we’ll be talking about healthy goal setting and working through the limiting beliefs that stop us from attaining our goals!
Let us say goodbye to a history of struggle and hate. Let us rejoice that starting today, things can and WILL change.
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