Tuesday, February 19, 2019

How To Halt A Binge In Its Tracks

When that urge to binge strikes, it can feel as impossible to stop as an avalanche.   Here’s what to do to bring that binge to a skidding halt:
Delay: Postpone eating for 5-10 minutes when you feel an urge. You’re not saying “no” to yourself and you’re not using willpower. Instead, you’re just giving yourself a little space between wanting to binge and doing so.
Distract: When you’re busy, you might find the desire to snack or eat or binge disappears. Try an activity that helps you express your feelings, such as writing in a journal or venting to a friend.
Distance: Keep out of the kitchen. It’s also a good idea to keep food out of sight. Have nothing edible on your countertops. Put food in a cabinet or pantry. If you don’t see it in front of you, it’s less tempting.
Determine:  After 5-10 minutes, determine whether you are physically hungry or emotionally hungry. If you’re physically hungry, just about anything sounds good. If you’re emotionally hungry, you hope to feel better after eating.
Decide: The decision is yours, whether you want to binge. If you absolutely must eat something for emotional reasons, use a pre-packaged single serving. That lets you eat what you want but can stop you from bingeing on a family-sized portion.
Remember, wanting to binge does NOT mean that you will binge.   You can put the brakes on!!  
Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts and experiences with this five-step strategy to stop bingeing.

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