Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Five Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Diet (with words)

Listen now!!

How do you talk to yourself?  Do you say mean things that you’d never say to a friend, partner, spouse or child?  If so, it’s affecting how you feel – and how you eat.  In this episode, Dr. Nina describes five ways you're sabotaging your diet, all having to do with the way you talk to yourself.

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Sithembile Eugenia said...
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Sithembile Eugenia said...

Words may seems easy to say, but the impact they carry is out of this world, the more we say bad things about ourselves the more we get the result of what we asked, we don't mean it but we get result anyway, so if we change the way we think, the way we talk to our self, by being possitive, appreciative, the result will be a good feelings, great relationship with our foods and we'll have happy, joyful life, another thing is, Contrast helps us identify what we don't want, the less time we spend talking about or thinking about the things we don't like or things that makes us don't feel good! the more we think of 'What we Want', lets change the way we talk to ourselves, because words are not just words.

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