Thursday, May 2, 2013

Starving For Love?

What are you hungry for right now?   Is it food... or do you have a deeper hunger, for something  emotionally fulfilling?  

Maybe what you truly hunger for is love and connection.  

In this episode, Dr. Nina explores the connection between relationships and emotional eating.  She identifies four different attachment styles and how they impact your relationship to food.

Check out this episode!

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1 comment:

Sithembile Eugenia said...

Making Peace with food! sound marvelous and encouraging, thanks for such a great article, great point that when you understand something better its easy to change,its a shame we tend to ignore our feeling, but look for somthing to make you feel better rather than facing the facts of the matter, although we know that the problem doesn't go away, we suppress the issue hoping it will go away, everytime when it pops out and say hey i am still here, can we talk about this!we grab peace of chocholate,cakes anything, that will stop you fasing this issue. Best thing we can do is to face up with whatever is bothering us, deal with it and never let it cross your mind again, meditation help, positive thinking helps and use happy thoughts to get you through the day, don't give negetive thought any chance to enter your mind , if by any chance it does erase/delet it as quickly as you can.
Great job Nina...