Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Men & Eating Disorders

Are you a guy struggling with food, weight or body image issues?  Do you think you’re alone in this struggle?  

In this episode, Dr. Nina discusses men and eating disorders.  She explores how eating problems differ across gender lines, how men and boys feel pressured to deny certain emotions, to be muscular, and why these social and cultural expectations facilitate the development of disordered eating.  

Dr. Nina emphasizes that whatever is going on with food, the behavior is an attempt to deal with psychological conflict through a physical action.  As she puts it, "People who have eating disorders will say things like, 'it’s all about food, it’s all about losing weight, it doesn’t have to do with anything else'… but the reality is, male or female, it is about something else."  

She challenges the myths and misconceptions about male eating disorders, and provides guidance on how to deal with this issue.  

Check out this episode!

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