Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Look great and feel good, too!

I'm really excited to introduce you to Free Me, a London based registered charity dedicated to women striving to achieve and maintain recovery from eating disorders and addictions through jewelry design and creation.  

This would make a wonderful holiday gift for someone else (or yourself). I just ordered a necklace that I can't wait to wear in an upcoming video.  

Here's some information from the people who run the charity:

We teach our members how to make and design jewellery and then we sell it on our website (www.sweetcavanagh.com) under the fashion label of Sweet Cavanagh. The organization was founded as a result of the lack of mental health support for these conditions in the UK.

Some of the women come to Sweet Cavanagh after receiving a higher level of care, while others receive their first piece of support from the safe environment created in the workshop. 

Sweet Cavanagh’s doors are open to all women who are dedicated to recovery. By providing these women with affordable care, structure, and a sober support network, we are eliminating many sources of stress and thus, relapse.

Unfortunately, treatment in the UK is limited and private providers are extraordinarily expensive.  At Sweet Cavanagh, women are able to take advantage of free support groups, led by a highly trained social worker. 

Clients are also connected with a registered dietician who does both group and individual work free of charge to the ladies. They combat isolation while developing a source of accountability and responsibility.

Sweet Cavanagh also utilizes exposure therapy. The women take part in outings that will enhance their recovery. For example, the group will go to a restaurant to select their lunch, which tends to be a rather stressful event. 

With the support of both a professional and their peers, the women are able to conquer fears that they would otherwise struggle to do on their own.

Each of these groups help to enhance the therapeutic value that is provided by the jewellery making process. 

In fact, research has proven that jewellery making can augment one’s well being by increasing one’s self esteem and reducing stress and anxiety; all of which can reduce one’s risk of relapse. 

Seeing their pieces sold on our website and other retail and online shops further augments the women’s feelings of self worth and confidence.

 Just like the women who crafted it, Sweet Cavanagh jewellery is bold and beautiful. Each piece is designed and handmade in London’s Notting Hill, using a mixture of semi precious stones, metals and glass. 

We also have a fine jewellery line, which uses gold and silver filled chains and findings that will never tarnish. Items are rarely produced in numbers larger than two or three, making each piece a rare treasure.

Free Me is now offering a 15% discount on all of the pieces on our website, www.sweetcavanagh.com, as our holiday gift to our loyal supporters. Simply type the following coupon code: HolidayTreat in at the check out to receive your discount. 

Make a difference in the lives of vulnerable women this holiday season with a unique gift that will not only look great, but will make you feel good too.

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