Tuesday, December 22, 2015

All I want for Christmas...

Ever notice how wanting stuff for Christmas is considered acceptable?

Do you want clothes, shoes - even a car?  Fingers crossed!  Hope Santa will deliver a computer, iPhone, tablet, hover board or some other fab gadget?   Put it on the list! 
Wanting a cookie or an extra helping of mashed potatoes at dinner - that's another matter.

Eyebrows rise.  People react as if you've committed an unforgivable sin.  
"Do you really need that?" they often say.
Well, no.  But maybe you want it.  
And guess what?  Wanting more is not a bad thing.  
Oliver Twist endears himself to readers (and viewers) when he asks, "Please sir, I want some more."   
The kid was starving and deserved more food.  This holiday, ask yourself what you're starving for in your life.  
  • Hungry for love?
  • Yearning for acknowledgment?
  • Wishing you had more money?
  • More attention from people?
  • More friends?
  • Fun?
Don't you deserve love, recognition, financial stability, friends and more?  (Yes,  you do!).  Identify what you want and then take steps to get what you want.  
If not, you risk using food to fill up the void.
On the other hand...
Sometimes you just want an extra cookie or more potatoes.  Not because of an inner void, but because... well, you just like the darned cookies!
Deprivation only makes you want something more.  So, enjoy another cookie - minus the guilt!
Remember, you're not alone.  Together, we will make peace with food!  

*          *          *

Happy Holidays! 

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