Friday, June 20, 2014

How To Stop Feeling Self-Conscious

Are you self-conscious about being in public?  

Do you think people are judging your appearance?

We feel self-conscious when we think others are looking at us with critical eyes.   

Often the way we see ourselves directly impacts our expectations of how other people will see us.  

If you think you're overweight, unattractive, stupid, or bad in some way, it's easy to imagine that other people are thinking those same things about you.

The good news is that the more you develop a positive view of yourself and experience yourself as likeable, lovable, smart, interesting, kind and good, the more likely you are to imagine other people will like you, too.

One method to stop feeling self-conscious is to be an observer instead of feeling observed.   When you are focused on what you see and think, you’re less likely to feel under observation.


What do you imagine other people are thinking about you?

Where do these ideas about yourself come from?

Are you as critical of other people as you are of yourself?

What do you see in other people if you’re not focused on appearance?

Practice having your eyes on the world, instead of feeling like an object of scrutiny by others.

When your eyes are focused outward, on what you think of other people and situations, and your attention on them, you are far less likely to have a sense of eyes on you.  

When that happens, you feel less self-conscious and more at ease.  And then you won't turn to (or from) food to cope.  That's how you make peace with food!

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