Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How To Stop Feeling HUNGRY

Do you often feel hungry, no matter how much you eat? 

Ever wonder why? 

Consider this:
Recently, my eight-year-old complained of a really bad stomach ache.  I ruled out the common culprits:  food poisoning, the flu, or allergies.  

Turns out she was nervous about going back to school after the holiday break.

Her anxiety was expressed in a painful tummy.  How did I know?  Because talking about her worries made the pain stop.

That’s just one example of the emotional-to-physical connection.  Another is hunger.

There really is a mind-body connection.

Yearning, wanting or needing MORE of something or someone may be experienced as actual hunger.  Think about these expressions:

·      Hungry for love
·      Starving for attention

Being hungry for "more" of something like love, attention, friendship, understanding, money, security, and so forth, may be experienced as actual physical hunger.

What are you hungry for in your life (that isn't food)?  

When you translate "body language" into wishes, emotions and/or needs, you won't express or resolve those feelings or conflicts with food.

Your body is talking to you.   Listen closely!

If you want more examples and ideas about this mind-body connection, click the link below to watch the video. 

Remember that food/weight/body issues are symptoms of problems or conflicts. They are not "the" problem (even though it sure feels that way).  


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