Friday, March 22, 2013

The Present

Do you often look to the future, imagining that when you are at your ideal weight, your life will be easier, happier, or perfect?   For example, “When I lose weight, I’ll find a boyfriend (or girlfriend).”  “When I stop bingeing, I’ll be more confident and social.”  

If this is familiar, you may be too focused on your weight to define yourself, giving a number on the scale too much power over your happiness and confidence.   Overly investing in your physicality as the determining factor in self-acceptance makes it difficult to appreciate the other qualities that make you loveable and likeable.    

Think of a vivid memory from the past.   How did it impact you?  What have you learned about yourself since then?   How have you changed?  

Imagine your future. What would you like to happen in the next week, month, year, five years, or decade?  (not weight-related)

Now, think of today.  What do you appreciate about yourself, in the here and now?  What qualities are likeable?  Lovable?  Interesting?   Are you a good friend?  Talented?  Funny?  Tenacious?  Smart?  Compassionate? Spirited?  Helpful?  Adventurous?  Loving?  

These are the qualities that define you, not the number on the scale.
Remembering this is a present you can give to yourself daily.

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