Friday, August 14, 2015

How To Stop Cheating On Your Diet

Do you feel as if you're "cheating" on your meal plan (or doing something wrong) when you eat an actual carb or fat gram, or something that tastes yummy?

By focusing on food, weight and body image, you may be cheating yourself out of enjoying many aspects of life - not just food (which ought to be one of the pleasures of life, not a battleground), but the joys of connecting with people, feeling close or even enjoying a hug.

Why turn to food instead of people?  People can be unpredictable, unreliable and unavailable.  Unlike people, food is available, consistent and reliable.  You have access to it when you want and it's always the same.  

If you're focusing on your weight, food and appearance at the expense of your relationships, you may find yourself withdrawing physically, emotionally, and socially from others - either because you feel self-conscious or because you don't feel comfortable around other people.

Maybe you avoid social events, fearing there will be no “safe” food or that you'll eat too much, or fearing that you'll be judged for how you look.

Ask yourself if you are “hungry” for love, attention, connection and/or fulfillment but are turning to food as a substitute, worried that you will never get enough or be satisfied in your relationships or alternatively fearing that somehow you don't deserve to feel happy and satisfied.

If you're cheating on your diet, maybe you need the sweetness of connection and satisfaction.  

Create an appetite for life!   Choose at least one of these simple pleasures to experience this week:

    Laugh with a friend (tell a joke or funny story)
    Give a compliment and make someone smile
    Sing your heart out in the car without caring what other drivers think
    Read a child a story
    Call a friend and catch up
    Smile at a stranger
What would you add to the list?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts!   

Enjoying fulfilling experiences with people and relationships with friends and family makes you less likely to use food for fulfillment (literally and figuratively) or to focus on your weight as a measure of your value.  

When you taste all that life has to offer, and enjoy a range of relationships and experiences, you will be satisfied and happy.  When you make peace with yourself, you make peace with food - for good!

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Want even more support on your journey?  I can help!  Imagine feeling FREE of food cravings and being at peace, all without dieting (yes, it is possible)!

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